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Gitte at TEDx

As the author of several children's books with meditations that you can read aloud to your child, Gitte has made an impact both at home and internationally.

The book "The Children's Meditations In My Heart" has become an international bestseller and in 2019 (and again 2020) Gitte gained an accolade as one of the world's top ten healers of The Energy Healing Magazine in the UK.

In 2019 she gave her first TEDx speech in Peterborough (UK) about children and well-being.

You can find Gitte's speech at YouTube using the link here:

Thousands of parents love the books

“My children have fallen asleep with their hearts full of love several times. We have had such beautiful evenings. I have felt extremely happy. ”

Maise Rygaard

- Blogger

"This book has truly meant EVERYTHING to us! It made a huge difference for our son and our entire lives. It changed almost everything from day to day. ”


- of four

“First of all wow

and congratulations Gitte. It really has turned into a wonderful book… It holds so much for those who take the book in hand. You will send them on a wild journey.”


“Finally the little love cloud found  found its way home to my daughter. ☁️ She was really happy, and immediately pressed the cloud to feel the love. ”


- of a daughter